Exploring the History of Le Mont d’Onel

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One of the joys of being in such a historic building is taking glimpses into the château’s rich past.
So far, a combination of Google searches, information from the neighbours and some published works on the history of Couze-et-Saint-Front have given us an insight into the building’s history.
Below the château today, one can still find evidence of it’s medieval past with two 13th century rooms, complete with vaulted ceilings. Above, the current living space appears to have been laid out in the early 18th century, perhaps by M. Pourquery who became the proprietor of the property in 1709. The year “1772” is etched above an archway leading to the Gîte Château, perhaps suggesting an extension at this time. The earliest image we have found so far is this 1860 painting seen above. We also know that the proprietor M. Rocher extended the tower in 1906, and perhaps it is he who is seen here in this family photo taken outside the entrance to Mont-d’Onel. With so many unanswered questions, we are excited to discover more about this building’s rich history.