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Le Mont-d’Onel

Le Mont-d’Onel is a luxurious private 14th century château overlooking the Dordogne River, located in the stunning Périgord region of south west France. Famed for it’s farm to table Michelin rated restaurants, local market culture, world class wineries and picturesque medieval villages, the Dordogne provides a true antidote to the stresses of modern life.
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The Château

Overlooking the historic village of Couze-et-Saint-Front and the Dordogne River, the estate encompasses 19 en-suite bedrooms spread across the main château and 5 two bedroom self contained cottages. Onsite activities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, pétanque, croquet, tennis, pickleball and many kilometres of nature trails that can be enjoyed across the estate’s 80+ acres. Nearby, you will find more exceptional trails and quiet roads for world class hiking and cycling through picturesque country villages.

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The Region

Le Mont-d’Onel is located in the Périgord region of southwest France. The area is best known for some of the most magical villages in Europe, world class markets, wineries and an abundance of Michelin rated restaurants that seasonally feature the famous Périgord winter truffle. While Parisians journey to the Dordogne for it’s famous cuisine in idyllic rural settings, the area largely remains a ‘hidden gem’ internationally.

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Chateau Mont d‘Onel - Luxurious estate - History


With the current château dating back to 1350 CE, Le Mont-d’Onel has long occupied a strategically important site on the Dordogne; historic artifacts found on site suggest continuous inhabitation for the last 30,000 years. Le Mont-d’Onel has undoubtably played an important role in local and regional history.

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Reservations can be made for the entire estate, the château or the individual cottages.
Availability is limited and requests are made through online booking or by contacting the estate manager directly.
World class concierge options are available on request.

The château is located 20 minutes from Bergerac Airport (EGC). Alternatives including Bordeaux Airport (BOD) at 1 hour 45 minutes or Toulouse Airport (TLS) at 2 hours 30 minutes.